Intel shows off next-gen desktop CPUs, Ready Mode tech

|About: Intel Corporation (INTC)|By:, SA News Editor

Trying to cater to enthusiasts, Intel (INTC +1.9%) promises its next-gen (14nm) Broadwell CPU line will include unlocked (i.e. overclocking-capable) desktop parts that feature integrated Iris Pro GPUs (previous). The chip giant had disappointed enthusiasts last year by failing to offer unlocked Haswell CPUs with Iris Pro.

Intel is also providing details about two upcoming Haswell-based enthusiast offerings: Devil's Canyon (due in mid-2014), which offers a better thermal interface material and packaging, and an Extreme Edition CPU (due in 2H) that will be the company's first desktop part to support 8 cores and the DDR4 memory standard.

For mainstream users, Intel has unveiled Ready Mode, a standby-mode solution for PCs that syncs files and enables home streaming while drawing less than 5W of power. The company is providing new form factors/reference designs for OEMs, including ones for a small-form-factor gaming system and a portable (battery-backed) all-in-one PC.

IDC sees global desktop shipments falling another 6% this year to 129.1M, with declines in both developed and emerging markets. But as Nvidia and Logitech can vouch, the enthusiast/gaming segment has been holding up relatively well.