Another bond tied to rental payments launched

|By:, SA News Editor

Colony American Homes is selling $513.6M worth of paper backed by rental payment on 3,399 single-family properties in 20 metro areas in 7 states. It would be the 2nd such deal following Blackstone's landmark offering late last year (American Residential Properties has hired Deutsche to put together what would be deal #3).

A $299M tranche of the deal has received a AAA rating from Moody's, Kroll, and Morningstar. S&P has said these rental-backed bonds don't yet meet the criteria necessary for a top rating.

Colony American Homes is a unit of Colony Financial (CLNY +0.1%) and it tried, but failed to go public last year.

Watching the action are: SBY, ARPI, AMH, SWAY.