Crimean crisis set to dominate Obama's trip to Europe

|By:, SA News Editor

President Obama is due to arrive in Europe tomorrow for a six-day trip to the region and to Saudi Arabia. The visit has been planned for months and was initially supposed to focus on nuclear security, but the Ukraine crisis is set to dominate.

The trip comes after pro-Russian forces stormed a Ukrainian air-force base yesterday with shots, stun grenades and armored vehicles, and took away the base's commander. Meanwhile, Russia's build-up of forces on its border with Ukraine includes armor, fighter aircraft and helicopters.

The House could vote this week on measures that would signal an increase in natural-gas exports as the U.S. looks to lower international reliance on Russian energy. The measures would also include increasing economic aid to Ukraine, as well as codify and add to sanctions against Russia such as more asset freezes and visa bans for corporations and individuals close to Vladimir Putin.

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