Intel partners with, takes stake in big data software leader Cloudera

|About: Intel Corporation (INTC)|By:, SA News Editor

A year after unveiling its own software distribution for the very popular Hadoop framework (widely used to handle big data analytics projects), Intel (INTC) is abandoning its offering, and throwing its money and resources behind market leader Cloudera.

The chip giant calls the deal the "single largest data center technology investment in its history." Cloudera just raised $160M after filing to sell shares at a valuation as high as $1.84B.

The startup offers proprietary management software to go with its open-source Hadoop distribution. Competition is provided by private Hortonworks and EMC's Greenplum unit (part of its Pivotal spinoff).

As part of the deal, Cloudera will make Intel's CPUs its "preferred platform," and optimize its Hadoop distribution for them. Cloudera will also support Intel's data center fabric, flash memory, and security tech.

As always, Intel's primary goal is to drive CPU sales - Hadoop projects often make use of Xeon server CPUs, and Intel is hoping relatively few projects rely on rival architectures such as ARM, SPARC, and Power. Data center chief Diane Bryant predicts "Hadoop will be the application that is deployed across more servers than any other enterprise application."