A shaky marriage officially ends: BlackBerry won't renew T-Mobile deal

|About: T-Mobile US, Inc. (TMUS)|By:, SA News Editor

Less than amused with a T-Mobile USA (TMUS -0.1%) ad campaign urging BlackBerry (BBRY +1.4%) owners to buy iPhones, BlackBerry says it won't renew T-Mobile's license to sell its products, which expires on April 25. Existing users on T-Mobile's network won't see any changes.

As it is, T-Mobile stopped stocking BlackBerrys in its retail stores six months ago (they've remained available online). Moreover, with local sales having plunged, the U.S. now only accounts for a small fraction of BlackBerry's hardware sales, and T-Mobile (has a relatively small corporate base) a small percentage of U.S. sales.