The world needs to get ready for the next nuclear plant accident

|By:, SA News Editor

Bloomberg discusses the chances of the next nuclear accident, arguing it is a crisis waiting to happen and could be in a country with little experience to deal with it.

While atomic power has fallen from favor in some western European countries since the Fukushima accident in Japan - Germany, for example, is shutting all its nuclear plants - it’s gaining more traction in Asia as an alternative to coal; of the 176 reactors planned worldwide, 86 are in nations that had no nuclear plants 20 years ago.

If nuclear is to remain a part of the world’s energy supply, the industry must come up with solutions to make sure contamination - and other consequences, including financial - don't spread beyond station grounds, former NRC boss Gregory Jaczko says.

Gregor Macdonald believes nuclear has no future, adding the extinction level event bearing down on global nuclear power is the rise of solar.

Nuclear names: URA, NLR, NUCL, CCJ, DNN, USU, URRE, UEC, URG