Report: Google interested in satellite imagery firm, drone maker

|By:, SA News Editor

The Information reports Google (GOOG) is "in early talks" to buy Skybox Imaging, a startup looking to sell high-res satellite imagery and related analytics services to businesses.

The company has also reportedly "expressed interest" in solar-powered drone maker Titan Aerospace, though The Information says it's "unclear how far talks have gone."

TechCrunch reported last month Facebook was in talks to buy Titan. Since then, the social networking giant has unveiled its Connectivity Lab, which aims to use drones to provide to provide Internet access to areas lacking it (it could compete with Google's Project Loon).

Skybox's imagery would complement Google Maps/Earth, and its analytics efforts could mesh with Google's attempts to use massive computing power and A.I./deep learning technology in fields ranging from mobile assistant apps to robotics to self-driving cars.

A Skybox deal could have implications for leading satellite imagery firm DigitalGlobe (DGI).