NXP catches RJ upgrade, invests in Immersion rival Senseg

|About: NXP Semiconductors (NXPI)|By:, SA News Editor

Two weeks after Morgan Stanley upgraded NXP (NXPI) to Overweight, Raymond James has upgraded the chipmaker to Strong Buy. Shares are up 2.8% premarket.

Separately, NXP announces it has taken a stake in haptic feedback tech developer and leading Immersion (IMMR) rival Senseg through a Series B funding round.

NXP says the investment will help Senseg develop a next-gen haptic solution small and cheap enough for the high-volume smartphone market, and later "other markets like portable gaming, navigation and in-vehicle controls."

Rumors have occasionally surfaced that Apple, which relies on NXP to make its M7 motion co-processor/sensor hub would adopt Senseg's technology. But it hasn't found its way into any iDevices yet.