Phibro trades in original range after debut

|About: Phibro Animal Health C... (PAHC)|By:, SA News Editor

Underwriters drop the IPO price of Phibro Animal Health (PAHC) to $15 from its original range of $16 - $18. Shares currently exchange hands for $16.60 on 2M shares.

The 40-year old company sells more than 1,100 animal health and mineral nutrition products to 2,850 customers in over 65 countries.

Revenues for FY11 - FY13 are: $618.3M, $654.1M and $653.2M.

Net income for the same periods: -$0.19/share, $0.10/share and $0.36/share.

CF Ops: -$4.7M$31.9M and $415K.