WSJ: Amazon smartphone arriving in September

|By:, SA News Editor

Is the long-rumored Amazon (AMZN) smartphone finally on tap? Sources tell the WSJ the e-commerce giant plans to begin selling a smartphone by the end of September after announcing it in June, and has been showing off demo models to developers.

In-line with past rumors, Amazon reportedly will include a display capable of showing 3D images (no glasses needed) with the help of eye-tracking tech and four front-facing cameras. Past 3D phone attempts didn't pan out, but the technology they used was less sophisticated than what Amazon is said to be relying on.

An Amazon smartphone would undoubtedly include access to the company's broad app/content ecosystem. But assuming Amazon continues using its home-grown version of Android, it won't have access to the Google apps/services (Now, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, etc.) that come bundled with Google's version of Android.

The phone would also enter a crowded smartphone landscape featuring Samsung, Apple, and a slew of Chinese OEMs (Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, etc.) competing aggressively on price.

A caveat: Two recent WSJ reports involving Amazon wound up being denied by the company.

Update: Re/code reports two Amazon smartphones are being prepped