Post Holdings on sale

|About: Post Holdings, Inc. (POST)|By:, SA News Editor

Market sell-offs make for a great time to pull out one's wish list for stocks and check for bargain prices. Post Holdings (POST) - run by master capital allocator Bill Stiritz - about doubled since being spun off from Ralcorp about two years ago, but is down 15% over the last month.

It's not all about the broad equity slump - a stock offering and a cut in 2014 guidance have also taken a toll on the shares. Still, the capital raise gives plenty of deal-making ammo to someone who's proven he knows what to do with it. "The market opportunity for Post is large," writes Barron's David Englander, noting the highly fragmented active-nutrition and private-label foods industries, and that Stiritz has already stepped up acquisitions in these areas.

Seventy-nine years old, Stiritz isn't getting any younger, but Englander reminds many on the Post bench and board have a long history of working with the CEO and rewarding shareholders, and - as Warren Buffett has shown - isn't 80 the new 70?