Alibaba reportedly delays F-1 filing; Taobao plans a revamp

|About: Alibaba Group Holding Limited (BABA)|By:, SA News Editor

BrightWire reports Alibaba's (ABABA) is still working on its anticipated F-1, and won't file the document this week. Reuters previously reported a filing could happen by today.

Separately, Alibaba has said it plans a major revamp of its massive Taobao marketplace (focused on consumer sales), whose UI has occasionally been criticized. Alibaba promises to improve Taobao's navigation (making it less dependent on search activity), as well as to add interactive features for its mobile apps.

The Street's expectations for Alibaba's IPO were ratcheted higher last week after Yahoo (YHOO -0.1%) reported the company's sales rose 66% Y/Y in Q4 to $3.06B, and its net income 110% to $1.35B. Many think a $200B+ valuation is in the cards.