GT Advanced +2% AH on deals to commercialize Hyperion

|About: GT Advanced Technologies, Inc. (GTATQ)|By:, SA News Editor

GT Advanced (GTAT) has signed an MOU with Europe's EV Group to jointly create the equipment and production processes needed to bond the sapphire and silicon carbide (SiC) lamina produced by GT's Hyperion ion implanter tech to substrates such as glass, silicon, and plastic.

GT also says it will partner with a leading glass substrate maker to "develop specially engineered substrate materials that can be bonded to ultra-thin sapphire lamina to create unique composite solutions" that expand sapphire's reach to new markets.

Lastly, the company has "acquired patent-pending technology for producing low-cost, scratch-resistant aluminum oxide coatings for various substrates including glass and plastics." GT expects the coatings to match sapphire's durability and scratch-resistance at lower price points, and in doing so address markets where not all of sapphire's strengths are needed.

GT has long asserted Hyperion, obtained in 2012 via its acquisition of Twin Creeks Technologies, can address applications ranging from power semiconductors to solar wafers to touchscreens. Last month, SA author Matt Margolis argued Hyperion could enable thin solar cells for electronic devices that sport 40%+ efficiency ratings.

Shares had already risen 5.4% in regular trading. Q1 results are due on May 8.