Novogen collaborates with stem cell firm

|About: Novogen Limited (NVGN)|By:, SA News Editor

Australian biotech Novogen (NVGN +0.5%) inks a collaboration deal with fellow Aussie Genea Biocells to accelerate testing of their super-benzopyran (SBP) drugs for degenerative diseases of the nervous system and muscles.

Early stage research by the firms point to the effectiveness of SBPs in normalizing stem cells associated with some types of neurodegeneration and muscular dystrophy.

Novagen CEO Dr. Graham Kelly says that SBPs are known to be effective in killing cancer stem cells but they observed that the drugs also appeared to normalize the behavior and appearance of cancer stem cells in certain circumstances. This observation  prompted them to conduct further testing.

The molecules will be tested in laboratory models across a range of degenerative diseases.

The companies will pool their respective resources but each will retain its own IP and commercial opportunities.