Laffont pitches Liberty Global at Ira Sohn

|About: Liberty Global, Inc. (LBTYA)|By:, SA News Editor

Two years after his well-timed pitch of Virgin Media, Coatue Capital's Philippe Laffont suggests a long of LIberty Global (LBTYA +2.7%), (LBTYK +2.2%) at Ira Sohn. A good tech stock, he says, needs a good trend, a good business model, and a management team that cares about the stock price ... The third item is hardest to find. Management at Liberty is a proven moneymaker with incredible ROE and a commitment to capital returns. By 2018, Liberty will be able to hoover up 75% of the float at current prices.

As for business fundamentals (the trend and business model): "The consumer has not had the need to upgrade his broadband yet, and that will change very quickly with Netflix."

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