Intel buys mobile personal assistant tech

|About: Intel Corporation (INTC)|By:, SA News Editor

Intel (INTC) has bought assets and talent from Ginger Software, an Israeli startup working on natural language-processing tools. Media reports suggest Intel paid up to $30M.

Among the assets reportedly acquired by Intel include a platform for creating custom personal assistants with the help of Gigner's voice recognition and natural language-analysis tech. Google (Now), Apple (Siri), and Nuance (Dragon Mobile) are among the companies with popular proprietary assistants.

The purchase follows Intel's 2013 acquisition of Spanish natural language-processing firm Indisys for a reported $26M+.

The chip giant has shown a keen interest in human interface technologies that could enable CPU-intensive applications: Intel has also bought gesture recognition tech developer Omek Interactive, and health tracker wristwatch developer Basis, and unveiled its RealSense gesture recognition camera/sensor solution in January.