Samsung reportedly launching high-res S5 Prime in mid-June

Korea's reports Samsung (SSNLF) plans to launch the Galaxy S5 Prime, a version of its flagship phone that features a 2K (2560x1440) display, in mid-June via local carriers SK Telecom, KT, and LG U+. The phone will reportedly cost just $50-$60 more than the regular S5.

There were reports the S5 would sport a 2K display prior to its launch. Samsung instead went with the 1080p resolution used for the S4, albeit with an improved OLED panel that has received good reviews.

Samsung stated last November it plans to launch phones with 2K displays in 2014, and phones with 4K displays in 2015. Universal Display (OLED -0.1%) wouldn't mind seeing that happen, given OLED panels with higher resolutions require more OLED materials.

Naver's report doesn't state whether the S5 Prime will feature a metal case, as has been previously rumored. Samsung has received its share of criticism for sticking with plastic cases for its high-end phones, and the company recently replaced its mobile design chief.

Apple, a fan of using aluminum cases (the plastic 5C excepted), is expected to launch 4.7" and 5.5" iPhones in 2H14.

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  • Jack Baker
    , contributor
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    What a way to stick it to your G5 customers. Launch the G5 and have many customers upgrade to it and them come out with a much better phone 3 months later for an extra $50.00-$60.00. What a way to engender good will amongst your customers.


    In any case it won't matter. The larger iphone 6 will be announced by then and virtually everyone will be waiting to buy it.
    13 May 2014, 10:39 AM Reply Like
  • sidney
    , contributor
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    Jack, there are a LOT of Apple haters these days...years of Apple claiming nobody ever needs/wants a large display as well as a 40% profit margin on nearly everything really rubbed consumers the wrong way. Price fixing ebooks also shouldn't be seen as very consumer friendly. Frankly, F Apple. They are responding to having lost a vast majority of WORLD WIDE cellphone sales despite the fact they've got a lock on the US market through their near monopoly on the education market in the USA(aka brainwash the kids). The rest of the world has moved well beyond the Apple cube.
    But most importantly, as a consumer I want rapid innovation not some magically defined release schedule where I have to go to the mac rumor buy guide to figure out whether to buy an Apple product or not based on a pending release. This opinion is shared by a vast majority of Asians as well who aren't locked into some silly 2 year contract/sim card deal as US consumers often are. There is some shift away from these silly 2 year plans like Verizon's edge plan and similar at ATT. Once the US consumer gets past the 2 year thing they can embrace the rapid release schedules that are typical of Samsung and other Asian manufacturers (LG, HTC, etc.). Ask an Asian how many times per year they switch phones...or look at an Asian phone store in Hong Kong and you'll get the picture. Apple's timed better, best, good model is not the "norm" worldwide.
    I don't like realizing that a new model is out 2 weeks later than anyone else but that is about the same feeling as knowing your new car you drove off the lot is instantly worth 10-15% less than what you just paid for it. S happens... move on. Its better in the long run to see new models released as fast as possible to give some consumers better choices. When the time is right for you to replace your GS5's you'll know that you have access to rapid innovation rather than have to time your purchase perfectly with Apple's release schedule.
    For a long time to come , there will always be a better mouse trap released soon after you buy something...and frankly I like it. We're well past the dark ages of stable tech... you'll just have to learn to embrace rapid technological change rather than hate it.
    For the record I think competition between Apple, Google, and MSFT is healthy for consumers. That said when Apple holds its OS to its own hardware (serfdom in Shenzen) and doesn't learn to share/play in the same sandbox as others (the traditional cellphone oems)... it has it coming to them. That kind of selfishness along with price fixing music and ebooks leads me to think Sherman wouldn't be too happy with our Anti-Trust department....


    now back to the oled story and Apple, we continue to see Apple file oled patents for a potential Apple/OLED future and we see they have had massive relations with LG, with LG's 8.5 gen TV plant coming online in late 2014 what remains to be seen is whether Apple jumps in and offers an OLED Apple tv and buys nearly ALL of LG's productive capacity to do so. In which case I no doubt will be forced to cough up my cash at some stupid 40% markup to get a "reasonably" priced oled tv...and then the ecosystem sets in and I'll feel forced to buy a friggin Apple phone, laptop, tablet, etc. The potential Apple/LG oled TV release could be the re-entry into an explosive replacement cycle Apple likes to have for massive growth.
    13 May 2014, 11:45 AM Reply Like
  • chopchop0
    , contributor
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    No different than AAPL trying to rush out a mini IPad and putting a horrible resolution/display on it.


    Or when they cut the price of the original IPhone not even a couple months after the initial release.
    13 May 2014, 01:24 PM Reply Like
  • Jack Baker
    , contributor
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    So much is incorrect about your post. Most consumers don't know what companies margins are and therefore do not get there feathers ruffled over it.


    Apple has more than a lock on the US market. They also have a lock on the Japanese market with 75% of all new smart phone purchases in Japan being iPhones and Apples market share in Japan jumped over the last 3 quarters from 22% to 36%; a massive jump for such a short time frame. And, a stunning new survey of customer satisfaction shows that Apples completely smoked Samsung in SOUTH KOREA where Samsung is 24% of the South Korean economy and nationalism is quite strong. Apples sales growth in China was quite impressive last quarter as well with China Mobile still only partially online with Apple products.


    You can't lose what you never had. So, Apple never "lost" the vast majority of global smart phone sales. Apple has always stayed at the "high-end" with the quality of their hardware and their ecosystem. So, it stands to reason that they are not going to have the lions share of the global market. The do however have the lion's share of the profits being made in global smart phone sales making 85% of ALL GLOBAL SMARTPHONE PROFIT. I'd rather be the company making the money. The others can have the stats.


    You want rapid innovation? Really? How come Samsung or any other OEM still doesn't have a 64 bit chip in their phones? Apple has had this for over a year. And, what is so rapid about the innovation of other OEM's? Tell me about all of the rapid innovation that has happened over the past year with Samsung, HTC or the other Chinese OEMs? Better screen resolution, lol? Come on. The resolution of these phones already exceeded what the human eye can process. Incremental improvements from here are almost meaningless. And what has Samsung actually innovated in smartphones anyway? They are an IP theft company, much like the Chinese companies. Samsung used to steal from Nokia and Blackberry, and then in 2007 they started aggressively stealing from Apple. It's public record. It's in the court documents of the trial that Samsung has now lost twice.


    Sorry that you don't like that Apple won't play in the sandbox with the other OEMs that don't make any money in the smart phone business. But, I prefer that Apple doesn't. Android OEM are in a race to the bottom. Prices will keep coming down and what little profits are make by them will completely evaporate before long. Once that happens the quality of the hardware will suffer and the quality of the ecosystem will suffer as android OEM's try and find a way to be profitable. If they were smart they would all adopt Apples model and it would be a competition among several unique ecosystems all with unique native apps. But its too late for that now. Apple is way too far ahead of them. The only one that could do it is Google and they have proven to be inept and feckless as a hardware company; thus the multibillion dollar loss in Motorola Mobility. So, its not selfish, its smart. And, it's running a business in a smart (profitable) way. Companies don't exist to make you happy and give you things for next to nothing. Perhaps you missed that part of capitalism when you were in school-- or perhaps you are still in school. Companies exist to provide a compelling, competitive product or service that will drive the highest possible ASP's for their offering. Apple has done that masterfully.


    Forget about OLED. Apple has already acquired a company that has a better technology that is ten times brighter than traditional LED and uses a fraction of the power. Apple will leapfrog over Samsung and have a better technology in their devices very soon. And, I don't think that Apple will ever produce a traditional TV. The replacement cycle is too long (7 years) and the logistics are too complicated moving around and shipping huge TV units.


    You are right about one thing though. Eventually you will get sucked into the Apple ecosystem. And once you are there, like 90% of other people, you will not leave. The experience is far superior to that of android. The phone just work -- and for many many years without any problems. The customer service and retail stores are world class. And this is before Angela steps in to run them for Apple.


    Also, every time you buy a song for a dollar instead of having to pay $15.00 for the entire Album of songs you would rather not buy, you can thank Apple for that. Because it was Apple innovation with iTunes that transformed the delivery of music to its current digital per song model. How much has Apple save YOU through the years not having to buy music albums instead of songs? I bet you could take that saving and could have bought every generation of iphone with that money and still had plenty left over.
    14 May 2014, 12:15 PM Reply Like
  • db313706
    , contributor
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    Really hope this comes stateside.
    13 May 2014, 10:43 AM Reply Like
  • scott trader
    , contributor
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    Sammy is having problems with the fingerprint scanner I hear from salespeople at tmob... Very glitchy..
    14 May 2014, 07:30 PM Reply Like
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