WiLAN -9% after finishing strategic review, hiking dividend

|By:, SA News Editor

After wrapping up its strategic review, WiLAN (WILN -9.3%) now plans to limit the number of outright patent purchases it makes, and instead "focus on attracting portfolios from companies seeking a licensing partner."

The company also plans to: 1) Shift from licensing its entire patent portfolio to "licensing smaller subsets." 2) Attempt to increase profitability by having law firms share the risk of its licensing efforts. 3) Consider selling "non-core patents" to produce revenue and lower maintenance costs.

WiLAN plans to hike its quarterly dividend by a penny to C$0.05/share (6.1% yield at current levels), and has signed off on a normal course issuer bid to repurchase 10% of outstanding shares. The company is aiming for GAAP EPS of at least $0.30 by 2018.