Sovaldi dominates in HCV

|By:, SA News Editor

In a survey of specialists, Research firm Decision Resources Group finds that Gilead's (GILD +1.3%) HCV treatment Sovaldi accounts for 50% of the patient share followed by J&J's (JNJ -0.3%) Olysio at 20%.

The majority of Olysio prescriptions are being written for the off-label combination with Sovaldi with or without ribavarin. Trending analysis shows that the off-label prescribing for the combination has more than doubled with 30% of specialists reporting having at least some patients on the regimen.

Hepatologists are more likely to prescribe the Sovaldi/Olysio combination than gastroenterologists or infectious disease specialists. The latter two have the majority of their HCV-1 patients on first-gen protease inhibitor therapy. The reason for the disparity appears to be awareness.