ParkerVision -9.9%; SA author offers critical view of May 1 hearing

|By:, SA News Editor

After reading a transcript of the proceedings, SA author Alpha Exposure believes ParkerVision (PRKR -9.9%) attorney Joshua Budwin "made potentially critical errors" during a May 1 court hearing related to the company's Qualcomm suit.

The author notes Qualcomm argues the fact the baseband signal from its processors is generated before a capacitor and not after is "fatal to ParkerVision's infringement case," and thinks the judge presiding over the case (Judge Dalton) "appears to agree."

Alpha Exposure adds Dalton was "unsatisfied" with Budwin's defense against Qualcomm's argument, and that Qualcomm lawyer Stephen Neal stated the company is developing 28nm chips that don't infringe ParkerVision's IP. The author thinks a 28nm RF transceiver announced last November (set to ship in commercial devices in early 2015) fits the bill.

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