BDC sector on sale

|By:, SA News Editor

The selloff in BDCs is a buying opportunity, writes BDC reporter, noting the opportunity today to invest in a basket of BDCs (using BDCS as a proxy) at an 11% higher yield than just three months ago. The sector is yielding 43% more than high yield bonds (HYG) and nearly double floating rate loans (BKLN).

The higher yield, of course, reflects market concern distributions are set to fall (and BKCC and MCGC cut in Q1), but for the sector as a whole, distributions have been fairly stable over the last three years. Further, a number of players are under-leveraged or in growth phase, and occasionally have realized gains which are paid out as special distributions.

Keep this list around, says BDC Reporter, musing on those who may boost payouts over the next year: ACAS, ARCC, ACRE, ACSF, CPTA, FDUS, FSFR, FULL, HCAP, HTGC, MAIN, MVC, TAXI, PSEC, TCPC, TSLX