Microsoft roundup: Nadella, Bing/Yahoo, Capptain

|About: Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)|By:, SA News Editor

Asked whether he supported Microsoft's (MSFT -0.4%) oft-criticized $7.2B acquisition of Nokia's phone unit when it was first struck, Satya Nadella declined to answer during a Code Conference talk (live blog).

Bloomberg previously reported Nadella and Bill Gates (among others) voiced objections to the deal, and that Steve Ballmer was its driving force.

Nadella declared Microsoft has no plans to sell Bing, which has generated huge losses over much of its history, to partner Yahoo (YHOO -0.7%). Marissa Mayer has expressed dissatisfaction over the performance of the Bing/Yahoo partnership (set to last until 2020), and has reportedly launched search tech projects meant to lower Yahoo's Bing dependence.

Nadella also: 1) Asserted he has "no intent to do anything different on Xbox" than what Microsoft's doing today. 2) Stated Gates, who recently promised to spend over 1/3 of his available time at Microsoft, has "got some specific interest in Office and how to reinvent it."

Separately, Microsoft is acquiring Capptain, a developer of analytics/usage-monitoring tools for app developers. Microsoft says it will integrate Capptain's offerings with its Azure cloud app platform (PaaS) services. The company has already rolled out a slew of new Azure tools this year.