Microsoft, Salesforce make partnership official; Office 365 in focus

|By:, SA News Editor

Salesforce (CRM) plans to make its own apps, as well as its Salesforce1 app platform, interoperable with Office 365 (MSFT) apps.

Among other things, users will be able to access, edit, and share Office 365 content from Salesforce/Salesforce1, and connect Salesforce data to Excel. Also, a new Salesforce Outook app will be developed.

Salesforce also says it plans to extend Salesforce1, which has a strong mobile focus, to Windows and Windows Phone. General availability is due in 2015.

Bloomberg reported this morning Salesforce's apps are set to run on Azure, and that a data integration deal is being discussed. The latter has been corroborated by the PR, but the former hasn't as of yet. A CC (starts at 4:45PM ET) should provide more details.

Update (6:00PM): Salesforce shares are up 1.8% AH.