Report: Google to launch new TV platform, will support gaming

|By:, SA News Editor

Android TV, a new TV/set-top platform meant to take the place of the struggling Google TV, will launch at the June 25-26 Google I/O (GOOG) conference, GigaOm reports.

Compared with Google TV, Android TV will feature a simple UI meant to enable fast access to media content. Apps will reportedly be able to provide one-click access to "individual pieces of content" on the home screen.

Not surprisingly, Android TV will (aided by Android's large game developer base) also support casual gaming. Google has been rumored to be working on a streaming/gaming set-top for some time.

Amazon recently launched its $99 Fire TV streaming/gaming set-top, but is charging $40 extra for a dedicated game controller. The next Apple TV is widely expected to support gaming, along with access to the content of select pay-TV providers.

Google's $35 Chromecast HDMI stick has proven a hit, but as a PC/mobile streaming solution, its feature set is much more limited than the one Android TV reportedly provides.