Boeing manufacturing its two new jets with no cut to output

|About: The Boeing Company (BA)|By:, SA News Editor

Boeing (BA) is currently upgrading both its 777 and 737 models to the new 777X and 737 MAX to provide increased fuel savings for airlines.

Although the company has seen increased demand for the two future jets, it has still been able to keep current production of existing models under control - even selling out of its 777-300ER until 2017.

Boeing sales chief John Wojick highlights "fuel efficiency" as an area that surpasses rival Airbus (EADSF, EADSY). "Boeing's new 787 burns 30% less fuel per seat than the Airbus A330. That is going to obsolete the A330," Wojick exclaims.

Airbus is now discussing whether to put new engines on its 20-year-old A330 model to better compete with the all-new Boeing 787.