Boeing manufacturing its two new jets with no cut to output

Boeing (BA) is currently upgrading both its 777 and 737 models to the new 777X and 737 MAX to provide increased fuel savings for airlines.

Although the company has seen increased demand for the two future jets, it has still been able to keep current production of existing models under control - even selling out of its 777-300ER until 2017.

Boeing sales chief John Wojick highlights "fuel efficiency" as an area that surpasses rival Airbus (EADSF, EADSY). "Boeing's new 787 burns 30% less fuel per seat than the Airbus A330. That is going to obsolete the A330," Wojick exclaims.

Airbus is now discussing whether to put new engines on its 20-year-old A330 model to better compete with the all-new Boeing 787.

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  • Bigfloridafish
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    Boeing is dropping Rolls for the new GE engines.
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  • fearless195
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    Boeing is dropping Rolls?
    The word Boeing does not appear in the article you cite - it's about 3D printing in GE's engines. Anyhow, engine choice is usually about integration with an aitline's existing fleet, and is a choice at the point of sale. Are you saying that's changed? Air NZ just bought the A320neo and A321neo precisely for their fuel savings over a 737. This from the 787-9's launch customer.
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    , contributor
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    The GE90 is already the exclusive engine on the 777-200LR and 300ER. Now the 777x will be single sourced. Nothing new there.
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  • thomas85225
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    Boeing is currently upgrading both its 777 and 737 models to the new 777X and 737 MAX to provide increased fuel savings for airlines.


    The 737 was design in 1966 base in the 707 of 1958
    The 777-X is base on the 777-200 design in 1989


    Boeing has yet to re-tool for the 737MAX and 777-X assembly lines in Everett and Renton
    Boeing is building a factories for the 777-X composite wing in Everett but Boeing has not work with composite since the 1980s on the Northrop B-2 bomber program.


    Boeing has just award Japan companies 20% of the 777-X ( Japan has 20% of the existing 777, 16% of 767, 35% of the 787)


    Spirit AeroSystems, Inc in Wichita, KS that build the 737 fuselage has yet to setup 737MAX manufacturing


    When will Japan companies retool for the 777-X ?


    Boeing has stated its will assembly both the existing 737NG and the 737MAX at the same time in Renton


    Boeing is currently upgrading both its 777 and 737 models to the new 777-X and 737 MAX to provide increased fuel savings for airlines in 2020


    Boeing has be trying to offer update 777 since the 1995 Airshow with the 777-100 and Combi


    The Boeing Board only OK the 777-X in November 2013 with 259 orders after the A350 that was approve On 16 September 2004 that has flow at the Airshow in 2013 and 2104, A350 that is production, in flight test and will deliver in 2015, the 777-X in 2020
    Airbus start the 320NEO in 2006 that will delivery in 2015
    In July 2011, some 8 months after Airbus announced its LEAP-X re-engine A320 NEO, Boeing followed suit with a re-engine 737NG in what looked like a hasty move to secure a large order from American Airlines, which was eventually split between the two manufacturers. The new family is named 737-7, -8 and -9 to harmonise the brand with the 787. The first aircraft is scheduled for first flight in 2016 and delivery in 2017.


    737 Max development cost to be twice A320neo: report by Jon Ostrower


    Airbus A320neo vs Boeing 737MAX - Orders and ... - pdxlight


    Airbus A330 that is going to be obsolete?????


    Airbus Sees More than 1,000 A330neo Orders Possible - WSJ 140...


    Wow Boeing is also placing new engines on its 51 years old design 747,
    24 years old 777 design and its 48 design years old 737, Boeing will not build the 757MAX


    Boeing is currently upgrading both its 777 and 737 models to the new 777X and 737 MAX to provide increased fuel savings for airlines. Which are still on the drawing board?


    Is a today story an Advertisement for Boeing showing that Boeing is 9 years behind on the development of new updated for the 777-X, 737MAX and 787-10 or new aircraft development the Y1, Y2 and Y3 Yellowstone project see


    Boeing has class action lawsuits over false claims on the 787-8
    Boeing Dreamliner Lawsuit Dismissal Upheld on Appeal - Bloomberg


    Today Boeing has no management that known anything about Aircraft!
    The last person was Chief Engineer Philip Condit, In 1986, he was named as executive vice president and general manager of BCAC, then executive VP and general manager of the 777 program division.
    Phil Conduct was the only hand-On Chief Engineer that attending the design team meet and later became CEO,
    Today CEO is from 3M and GE alone with several Boeing board member (CEO Harry Stonecipher was from GE) who been slacking Boeing top Engineer who is an Corporate Raider that been selling off Boeing Capability and Slowing the Pace on 777-X




    Boeing has a backlog of 5100 commercial aircrafts


    Boeing has only 380 777-200, -300 and freighter left to assembly and deliver at the production rate of 8.3 per month that will be replace with the 777-8X and -9X no announced on the 777-X freighter


    The 777-X has 259 orders that still on the drawing board, that only need flying long range non-stop over water into and out of Australia and Singapore bypassing Taiple Taiwan as refueling stop


    Boeing has 49 767 left to be assembly and deliver
    Boeing has 120 orders for the 747-8 with 68 delivers to date
    Boeing has 2000 737NG left to assembly and delivers at the production rate of 38 per months
    Boeing has orders 2000 orders for the 737MAX that still on the drawing board


    Boeing has 786 orders for 787-8 and 140 delivers since 2013, 413 orders for 787-9 that in flight test, 132 orders for the 787-10


    Boeing has yet to modernize its assembly for the 35,000 new aircraft that will be need over the next 20 years
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  • rotorhead1871
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    Boeing is building at BSC and modernizing the Everett we speak
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  • rotorhead1871
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    and that is just the commercial side..
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  • thomas85225
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    Boeing rules..., its pretty OBVIOUS.....this is what OBVIOUS


    The A-350 will be delivery in 2015, A320 NEO in 2017


    Boeing will not build the 757 MAX, Airbus will build the A330Neo


    the 777-X, 787-10, 737MAX are still on the drawing board


    The 747-8 was started in 2005 with 120 orders and 68 delivery
    the program is 2.04 Billions over budget and overweight
    the program has yet to make an profit


    The 787-8 was started in 2003 with 900 orders and 140 deliver to date
    the billions that have been spent on the program is N/A


    Boeing slows the pace on 777X - The Seattle Times
    The Seattle Times


    Boeing Gets a Downgrade as 777X Success Shrinks 777 Orders ;


    Lars Andersen, the top 777 engineer who came out of retirement to act as consultant on the 777-X, left the project, unhappy about a shift in the program.
    Udvar-Hazy said the 777X needs further “design refinements” before he would consider ordering the aircraft. ;


    Boeing has a class-action suit over false claims about the 787, Dismissal of Boeing 787 class-action suit upheld see Boeing 787
    Dreamliner: a timeline of problems ; Boeing Dreamliner 787: A Timeline Of 6 Years Of Failure


    Boeing is writing late fee checks and out of services check to the airlines, 33 Millions to LOT airlines, 500 Millions to Air India ect Boeing Short-Circuiting 787 Shows Skills Gap, Norwegian Air Says


    Boeing will need 27 Billions of tax payer money to build 259 777-X aircraft's
    Washington Governor Jay Inslee, a Democrat, called the session to seek roughly 8 billion in tax breaks, a streamlined permitting process for Boeing and $10 billion in funding for transportation improvements, and construction of 1.5 million square feet of new facilities in the Puget Sound Alone with the exiting 9 Billion in tax


    Many airlines are not replacing there exist Boeing aircraft, since Boeing CEO James McNerney, and GE CEO Jeff" Immelt are member of the board on the Import-Export Bank that made better loan to foreign airlines at a lower interest bank Delta, and other Airline Group have file law suits against The U.S. Export-Import Bank over Air India Loan Guarantees ;


    This may be the reason that airlines are ordering from Airbus and Airbus has beaten Boeing in 2013




    But many of Boeing Cash Cow program have ended or will be ending that make up half of Boeing profit
    Boeing has lost Space Program to other companies like Space-X ect
    Lockheed -Boeing F-22, Sea Launch, Rockwell NAAO Space Shuttle, ect have ended!
    Once these program are gone alone with all the personal they are gone forever and 40% Boeing will be retire over the next five year!


    And Boeing CEO has been sacking Boeing top engineer from the company
    The Government is still downsizing the military to pre WW2 level !
    Other Boeing military programs are ending. the Douglas C-17, Kc-10A,
    Northrop F/A-18 E& F, EA-18G, McDonnell F-15, that make up half of Boeing of Boeing profit


    keep drinking that Boeing cool-aid
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  • joegillam
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    Welcome back, I missed you. Combie only did a half-way job of filling in for you.


    Joe In Georgia
    2 Jun 2014, 06:55 PM Reply Like
  • thomas85225
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    still reading the cool-Air drinker News and review
    3 Jun 2014, 08:51 AM Reply Like
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