Lawyers ask Scalia to throw out BP's bid to stall spill payments

Louisiana attorneys today asked Supreme Court Justice Scalia to throw out BP's latest attempt to restore a freeze on oil spill payments, calling BP’s request “buyer’s remorse” for its multibillion-dollar settlement and arguing the company’s claims of fraud are bogus.

BP’s claim that uninjured parties are being compensated is without factual support, according to the plaintiffs’ attorneys, writing that “no court has ever made a factual finding that any claim without a traceable injury was deemed eligible for payment.”

Scalia has jurisdiction over certain petitions coming from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, but he can also hand the issue to the entire Supreme Court for review.

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  • Ludo5312
    , contributor
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    These Louisiana attorneys must be residing in some kind of bubble inside the US legal system. Outside that bubble, in the real world, numerous uninjured parties have been identified. That much is admitted, by even the those that like to minimise the number of crooks and thieves that have tried to defraud the system.
    2 Jun 2014, 07:14 PM Reply Like
  • Dave the drummer
    , contributor
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    Admitted by who??? BP is claiming thousands of claims and potentially hundreds of millions of dollars and yet they can only come up with 15 examples most of which they themselves approved through the GCCF and the others have been prove4n NOT to be fraud... 13 people have been charged in the Alabama courts, all personal claims not business claims all amounting to less than $22,000 and many caught and charged BEFORE they ever saw any money.... Judge Juneau has OK'd just over 12,000 claims and has denied just over 15,000 claims.... BP is not paying ANY legitimate claims including medical claims while fighting one clause in a 1200 page agreement their lawyers and board members spent months putting together and agreed to and signed... Show me these parties that have been identified... show me 15 cases where businesses have tried to defraud BP... Explain why medical claims aren't being paid....
    2 Jun 2014, 07:44 PM Reply Like
  • Ludo5312
    , contributor
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    Every single claim is 1 too much. Do not attempt to drag me into fallacy territory when you go on contracting yourself. Nowhere does is there a difference made between individuals and business being crooks.
    I can feel your frustration being involved in this case, but that is only remotely linked to the justice aspect of this case. I hope you can see that.
    2 Jun 2014, 08:03 PM Reply Like
  • rube123
    , contributor
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    the prosecution is just getting started , there will be lots more before this is over

    2 Jun 2014, 09:14 PM Reply Like
  • rube123
    , contributor
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    "Swarms of lawyers are having such a field day claiming payouts that even locals are shocked by the greed"



    ambulance chasers are falling from the sky


    maybe you can file a claim , give them a call, I am sure they can figure a way



    this might slow the process..BP is asking for verification , I don't know why, after all , you have all these out standing ambulance chasers, and honorable people right ?


    " BP Senior Vice President Geoff Morrell told 60 Minutes the company has paid more than $500 million in fraudulent claims, including payments to a wireless phone company store that burned down prior to the spill and a Pontiac dealer that went out of business after General Motors discontinued the car brand"

    2 Jun 2014, 09:55 PM Reply Like
  • Dave the drummer
    , contributor
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    You're absolutely wrong... First of all it is the BEL (Business Economic Claims) that they are protesting so there is no reason for them not to be paying on personal and medical claims... Secondly they have stopped paying ALL claims because of zero proven false claims.... They stated in court that they knew there would be some false positives but that they could live with that because it would expedite the process and save them millions in the long run... The big thing is you haven't proven a single one of your points or been able to dispute mine but you are still standing behind BP screwing over the people who were harmed by their oil spill.... Absolutely disgraceful...
    2 Jun 2014, 10:47 PM Reply Like
  • Dave the drummer
    , contributor
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    Every example except the last one (and the last one doesn't state who it was filed with and is only being investigated) states clearly it was the GCCF that accepted those fraudulent claims... That was BP themselves handling the payouts and nothing to do with the Courts and the way it is being handled now... Almost 60% of claims filed do not make the criteria under the rules set up by the courts and BP and being enforced by Judge Juneau... BP can't hold the courts responsible for the claims that THEY accepted BEFORE the courts were involved.....
    2 Jun 2014, 10:51 PM Reply Like
  • Dave the drummer
    , contributor
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    That stuff is so full of lies it's ridiculous....


    "reminding them that they did not need to suffer losses as a result of the disaster in order to cash in."??? Every claim no matter what zone you are in has to produce years worth of tax returns, P&L statements and bank statements and then the CPA's analyze the numbers and tell YOU what your damages were, you DON'T tell them...


    There are no facts in most of those statements it is simply opinion and conjecture....

    Shows the facts on the Pontiac Dealer and the Wireless store amongst others...





    I can post links all day that show the truth about what's going on instead of the stories BP's spin doctors want you to hear....
    2 Jun 2014, 11:12 PM Reply Like
  • zack54
    , contributor
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    This state's courts have been corrupt since inception. Bayou Law(means everybody who knows anybody who knows anybody can file and get a settlement) then once they get the cash.... good luck trying to find them.....And the corruption from both the courts(Judges) and attorneys is disgusting....Washington has been going to school in Louisiana
    3 Jun 2014, 06:26 AM Reply Like
  • rube123
    , contributor
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    I'm a little confused , I posted several links that show "prosecution" , and you post several of opinion
    a couple of your comments I have no idea what you are trying to say


    I agree with BP that proof of income , for previous years should have to be shown ....that W-2 caused some real issues for a lot...they hadn't filed.....
    various reasons , from illegal , no income , cheating IRS , etc
    a lot of business couldn't prove their amounts because they didn't do what they claimed


    I am sure there probably area few legitimate claims that are waiting longer than they should , but there is a mountain of false claims that have been, are currently, and continuing to be filed, and been paid


    I am sorry for those that are just in their claim , but you can thank the corruption hour for that
    the legitimate claims will get paid , I haven't heard of Doctors refusing treatment


    as far as what you "think " you know, save it...I live in the "effected area "
    my neighbor cleaned the beaches for BP , he might even have a headache , but I imagine its just a hangover


    as far as the opinion of locals upset about the false claims , I can tell you that is more than opinion


    BP just wants the false claims to stop , you ,may want to look at what has been paid so far


    Activity (as at 31 December 2013) Funding
    Response and clean-up $14 billion+
    Claims, advances and settlements $12.5 billion
    Funding for the natural resource damage assessment process $1 billion+
    Early restoration projects (Reflects projects that BP and the trustees
    have reached agreement or agreement in principle) $698 million
    State-led tourism campaigns $178 million
    State-led seafood marketing programmes $47 million
    State-led seafood testing $24 million


    if you need help with a claim, maybe you should file direct to BP , here is the link

    3 Jun 2014, 07:46 AM Reply Like
  • marketnews09
    , contributor
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    The reason that Louisiana's economy is booming is, because BP is paying dearly to those who are taking advantage of it.
    2 Jun 2014, 09:32 PM Reply Like
  • Dave the drummer
    , contributor
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    BP hasn't paid ANYONE in over 8 months....
    2 Jun 2014, 11:14 PM Reply Like
  • Odean
    , contributor
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    Dave don't get frustrated by those who feel that what they hear reported on the news is the truth. These people clearly have not read the settlement agreement. Don't waste your time.
    3 Jun 2014, 06:28 AM Reply Like
  • rube123
    , contributor
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    "by the idiots"
    such brilliance , such insight
    thanks for wasting your time .....LOL
    I can't understand why someone would object to the blanket settlement

    3 Jun 2014, 09:15 AM Reply Like
  • BuffaloBell
    , contributor
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    I am not a lawyer but I know that lawyers can make a case for any issue they so choose to make. I read the article about the Pontiac dealer. His store was not directly affected by the spill. Had he not been trying to sell a dead horse he would not have been able to make a claim. His claim should have been made to GM.
    3 Jun 2014, 07:44 AM Reply Like
  • watermark302
    , contributor
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    Buyers's remorse. Yes BP has it. We should all have it. They bought into the idea that claims would be scrutinized under the assumption that 'damage from the spill' was done. Instead the administrator only requires 'damage' - and very possibly only 'paper' damage.
    3 Jun 2014, 08:23 AM Reply Like
  • spike77
    , contributor
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    I am hoping that my $500,000 claim for snagging a finger nail in Alaska will be settled soon. I do have a Louisiana lawyer who told me it would all be fine for 35% of the settlement.
    3 Jun 2014, 10:59 AM Reply Like
  • Ludo5312
    , contributor
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    There is (where I come from) an understanding of all legal agreements have a presumption of acting in 'good faith'. Even from the nay-sayers here, I do get a clear insight of that this not so. You can call crooks and thieves by other legal definition, but it is certainly is not an honourable activity.
    3 Jun 2014, 11:00 AM Reply Like
  • rube123
    , contributor
    Comments (2212) | Send Message
    "How pathetic...Ludo, Rube, Spike, Buffalo Bell"
    "As Rube is clearly a troll on the BP payroll "
    Wow, aren't you just special....LOL
    talk about "pompous " , I think we have a winner


    what's wrong , a few facts ruffle your feathers ?
    I guess you are 1 of those from NewYork that smelled oil and are suing


    I was catching Wahoo just past the Oriskany


    I watched them shut the Gulf down because the president wouldn't waive the Jones act , while many "qualified" spill recovery vessels offered assistance to prevent "all this crap"


    the oil spill brought the southern states out of the recession , BP has been the whipping post of the administration , and the Kangaroo courts


    and yet BP paid them anyway,
    " all they are asking for " is to stop the fraudulent claims
    can you "Grasp that concept"
    this isn't about not paying , its about legitimate payments


    the safety cutoff that failed to work, I guess that was planned also
    I guess the space center has hindsight now



    the spill was an accident that has been handled wrong, all the way down the pike


    my neighbor is over a rig for (RIG) ....he can shut it down at his word....just that simple


    people make choices every day , just you made the choice to post ignorant comments "troll for BP"...I wished , show me the money girlfriend....LOL


    this was an accident , this is a high risk business
    believe it or not, people have jobs that are more dangerous than making your coffee
    do you really think they planned to kill 11 people , do you understand what you are saying?
    you are saying the people that died are the reason this happened , you are saying they should have used better judgment , and they would not have died


    you tell that to their families


    are you really that stupid??


    who has made the most $$ on this .....(The Lawyers) ...... if the ambulance chasers did what was correct, the people would be getting their $$


    BP certainly has done better than the IXTOC



    I just don't know how the Gulf will survive ...LOL

    4 Jun 2014, 08:36 AM Reply Like
  • rube123
    , contributor
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    I forgot , in that last video , shows some of those poor sick people running those charters
    the same charters BP employed to assist in clean up
    they are so ill, they can only run 2 charters a day
    5 Jun 2014, 07:01 AM Reply Like
  • spike77
    , contributor
    Comments (481) | Send Message
    Rube123 there have also been a number of previous posts from 'local' people, who have said that the BP clean-up was exemplary and the area has never been so clean. However the 'open-door' claims arrangement was always going to get beaten with the legal rod. The BP CEO at the time is now comfortably well off in another high paying job, so I'm thinking that the whole senior executive arena needs a damned good clean-up too.
    5 Jun 2014, 08:16 AM Reply Like
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