Advaxis presents LT survival data for lead cancer immunotherapeutic

|About: Advaxis Inc. (ADXS)|By:, SA News Editor

In a 109-subject Phase 2 clinical trial, Advaxis' (ADXS) lead immunotherapy product candidate ADXS-HPV demonstrated positive results in long-term survival in patients with recurrent cervical cancer. 22% (24/109) survived at least 18 months and 18% (16/91) survived for more than 24 months.

EVP and CSO Dr. Robert Petit says, "Long-term survivors in recurrent cervical cancer are rare. To our knowledge, ADXS-HPV is the first immunotherapy to be associated with objective tumor responses (including complete responses and partial responses) and also with long-term survival either as a monotherapy or in combination with cisplatin chemotherapy."