More on Apple: iPhone 6, Spotsetter, Apple Monitor

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VentureBeat reports the iPhone 6 (AAPL -0.3%) will feature an NFC radio and wireless charging support to go with its (widely expected) larger display. Support for Cat-6 LTE  - theoretical max speeds of 300Mbps, 2x that of the iPhone 5S/5C's Cat-4 modem - is also reportedly on tap.

An NFC radio would likely help enable Apple's rumored mobile payments service. Top NFC chipmaker NXP (NXPI) must be pleased to see the report, which comes as Chinese carriers get set to adopt NFC on a large scale.

TechCrunch reports Apple has bought Spotsetter, developer of a local search app that relied on social media info, reviews, and other data to recommend local businesses over a map-based UI.

The purchase meshes with Apple's growing mapping/search investments. It bought Twitter search engine Topsy last December, and this week showed off a big overhaul for its Spotlight search tool.

Brian White's Apple Monitor (tracks the sales of Apple-dependent Taiwanese suppliers) is up 6%-7% M/M in May, much better than a 9-year average of 2%. White sees the Apple Monitor rising 18%-20% Q/Q for the whole of Q2, ahead of the iPhone 6 launch.

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