United Continental facing challenges

|About: United Continental Holding... (UAL)|By:, SA News Editor

United Continental (UAL) is still facing a series of challenges nearly four years after the deal between United and Continental closed in October 2010. The company faces an outdated fleet, slipping customer satisfaction and unmatched losses compared to its rivals.

The company experienced a terrible 2012, after losing a total $723M. Last year, the airline came back with $571M in earnings, but declined again during the first quarter of this year posting a $609M loss.

Analysts still expect United Continental to report a profit for the current quarter and year, and many have assigned a "buy" rating. The company's stock did climb 28% this year, although it is still has underperformed compared to it's rivals. Delta's (DAL) share price jumped 55% this year, while American Airlines (AAL) stock has climbed 77%.