Javelin Mortgage takes up agency holdings

|About: Javelin Mortgage Investment (JMI)|By:, SA News Editor

Javelin's (JMI) latest slide deck shows agency mortgage holdings rising to 60.2% of the portfolio in June from 56.4% last month and 51.6% in April. Non-agency holdings have fallen to 39.8%. It's the highest allocation to agency/lowest allocation to non-agency since last October.

The Constant Prepayment Rate (CPR) on the agency portfolio ticked up to 5% in June from 4.5% in May. 5% is the highest CPR since late last summer.

The company reports a float of roughly 12M shares, the same as March 31. Prior the start of the buyback program late last year, the float was 13.5M shares. The stock of course, is no longer at a steep discount to book value, closing today at $13.98 vs. March 31 book of $13.38 - putting the shares at a premium of 1.04x book.