InvenSense closes higher after launching gyroscope for wearables

|About: InvenSense (INVN)|By:, SA News Editor

InvenSense (INVN +2.6%) claims its new ITG-3701 3-axis gyroscope delivers a full-scale range of +/- 4K degrees/second - 2x the range of typical gyroscopes.

The company argues the 3701's superior range "enables precise analysis of a golf or tennis racquet swing, soccer ball and basketball applications," among other things. That, in turn, makes it well-suited for the nascent wearables market.

InvenSense also claims unmatched power consumption, and an "industry first" height of just 0.75mm.

Wearables enthusiasm - boosted by Apple, Google, and Samsung's efforts - helped fuel InvenSense's big 2013/early 2014 rally. But near-term wearables shipments are expected to be well below smartphone shipments - IDC expects the latter to total 1.2B this year.