More on Amazon's phone: 3D display, Firefly, photo storage, pricing

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"What if there were a thousand artists standing by to redraw the picture every time you moved your head?," asks Jeff Bezos (AMZN +2.3%) as he unveils the Fire phone's 3D UI. The interface, called "dynamic perspective" provides depth effects for a variety of apps. (live blog)

The Verge: "It's not 'pop out at you parrallax' 3D ... it's sort of just giving you a clearer view as you move your head ... Not exactly must-have, but it does seem to sort of make the UI feel just a little more alive."

Not surprisingly, Bezos has tried hard to emphasize Amazon's ecosystem: The Appstore for Android, Prime Music, Prime Instant Video, the Mayday live video support service, and the X-Ray media companion service have all received shout-outs.

Also shown off: 1) A new service called Firefly (replete with SDK and hardware button) that automatically recognizes 100M+ items (products, music, TV shows, etc.) and provides related info (inc. Amazon purchasing options). 2) An unlimited cloud photo storage service for Fire phone owners; Apple provides 5GB of free iCloud storage to iDevice owners.

AT&T's site states a 32GB model will go for $199 with a 2-year contract (same as the 16GB iPhone 5S or Galaxy S5).

In spite of the unique feature set, a lack of support for Google Play (still much bigger than the Appstore) and the other apps/services that come bundled with Google's version of Android (Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Now, etc.) means Amazon has its work cut out for it, particularly given the Fire phone's high-end pricing.

Nonetheless, Amazon shares have moved higher since the start of the event.

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Update: Amazon will also be including 12 months of free Amazon Prime for a limited time.