More on Amazon's phone: 3D display, Firefly, photo storage, pricing

"What if there were a thousand artists standing by to redraw the picture every time you moved your head?," asks Jeff Bezos (AMZN +2.3%) as he unveils the Fire phone's 3D UI. The interface, called "dynamic perspective" provides depth effects for a variety of apps. (live blog)

The Verge: "It's not 'pop out at you parrallax' 3D ... it's sort of just giving you a clearer view as you move your head ... Not exactly must-have, but it does seem to sort of make the UI feel just a little more alive."

Not surprisingly, Bezos has tried hard to emphasize Amazon's ecosystem: The Appstore for Android, Prime Music, Prime Instant Video, the Mayday live video support service, and the X-Ray media companion service have all received shout-outs.

Also shown off: 1) A new service called Firefly (replete with SDK and hardware button) that automatically recognizes 100M+ items (products, music, TV shows, etc.) and provides related info (inc. Amazon purchasing options). 2) An unlimited cloud photo storage service for Fire phone owners; Apple provides 5GB of free iCloud storage to iDevice owners.

AT&T's site states a 32GB model will go for $199 with a 2-year contract (same as the 16GB iPhone 5S or Galaxy S5).

In spite of the unique feature set, a lack of support for Google Play (still much bigger than the Appstore) and the other apps/services that come bundled with Google's version of Android (Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Now, etc.) means Amazon has its work cut out for it, particularly given the Fire phone's high-end pricing.

Nonetheless, Amazon shares have moved higher since the start of the event.

Earlier: Amazon unveils Fire phone

Update: Amazon will also be including 12 months of free Amazon Prime for a limited time.

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Comments (13)
  • Gary J
    , contributor
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    The Firefly service is HUGE.


    Bezos = the new Jobs.
    18 Jun 2014, 02:46 PM Reply Like
  • ReligiousWacko
    , contributor
    Comments (1770) | Send Message
    Do you think Fire will
    1) take share from Apple?
    2) high end android?
    3) low end android buyers will now pay $200 instead of free?
    4) MSFT
    5) blackberry?
    18 Jun 2014, 03:46 PM Reply Like
  • DeepValueLover
    , contributor
    Comments (10727) | Send Message
    Bezos = the new Jobs?




    and Beiber = the new Sinatra.


    18 Jun 2014, 03:55 PM Reply Like
  • Gary J
    , contributor
    Comments (8915) | Send Message
    Both true! Your showing your age. Both are phenoms of our time.


    Welcome to the current century!
    18 Jun 2014, 04:57 PM Reply Like
  • ClassicLib
    , contributor
    Comments (133) | Send Message
    Bezos is no Steve Jobs. What a joke! That is just ridiculous.


    Jobs not only created Apple from the ground up, but he was also instrumental in the elegant hardware designs, complete O/S design and was the mastermind behind turning computers into a work of art. Has Bezos done any of this with his new phone? Nope. He piggybacks and re-brands others designs.


    - Apple already does "Firefly" with its flow feature.
    - Real power consumption with the 2,400mAh battery and all the new features enabled with multiple cameras has yet to be seen.
    - $600+ off contract is just silly.
    - ATT lockdowns = huge issue for many users.


    Nothing to see here folks... move along.
    18 Jun 2014, 10:11 PM Reply Like
  • bsporrer
    , contributor
    Comments (14) | Send Message
    Bezos = Jobs is a joke. This will do for Amazon what the Kindle has done for Amazon. Little to nothing...
    18 Jun 2014, 02:57 PM Reply Like
  • JMajoris
    , contributor
    Comments (1407) | Send Message
    Ha, too funny.


    Jobs made money......


    <<Bezos = the new Jobs. >>
    18 Jun 2014, 03:01 PM Reply Like
  • JuliaZ
    , contributor
    Comments (8) | Send Message
    It sounds great, and I've been an Amazon Prime member since the very first week they offered the service. Our household also owns a Kindle Fire HDX, two Kindle Fire HDs, and two Kindle Fire Paperwhites. However, given that the Fire phone is only available from AT&T, I will not be buying one. What a shame! If they had it on T-mobile, I would buy one today.
    18 Jun 2014, 03:11 PM Reply Like
  • $vix
    , contributor
    Comments (588) | Send Message
    Firefly will give consumers capability to buy from amazon only. Many consumers wish to shop around and not be locked into one vendor. People used to complain about apple's and microsoft's closed system yet amazon is the worst offender.
    Firefly would be useful to easily bring up amazon's price so one could search for better pricing elsewhere.
    Regardless of what I think, as of now, the market seems to be positive on the phone as amzn is up 2.72%
    18 Jun 2014, 03:34 PM Reply Like
  • SoldHigh
    , contributor
    Comments (991) | Send Message
    The auto-scrolling based on how the user tilts the phone is a very cool feature
    18 Jun 2014, 09:49 PM Reply Like
  • $vix
    , contributor
    Comments (588) | Send Message
    Samsung already introduced it long ago. Has not been popular. Have you tried it? It's quite annoying to read as if you move the phone unintentionally, you have lost your place. Other phones have auto scroll apps- nothing new.
    The Fire phone is designed for one thing and that is to lock consumers into buying from Amazon. A back door device.
    I for one, dont need the hard sell and I prefer to search around for where my money gets treated best and thats never amazon.
    I use the scanner on my iphone and it brings up the product, where to buy it and where it can be found for the most advantageous cost. Firely will find the item and direct me only to amazon. I believe many consumers are smarter than this and prefer the freedom of shopping choice.
    Only time will tell the future of amazon's phone, but I dont need the constant hard sell from amazon . I feel like I am at the proverbial used car lot dealing with the saleman in the cheap suit and wearing the fake Rolex and Brut, bt Faberge
    19 Jun 2014, 11:36 AM Reply Like
  • Budavar
    , contributor
    Comments (1397) | Send Message
    AMZN reportedly is combining its new "smart"-phone with
    one year FREE prime time. See "Update" above. If true it


    confirms Amazon's status as the prime time (pun intended) non-profit corporation which was incorporated as a for profit business, (pun intended again).




    Lets be generous + value that enterprise on the same basis as the blue chips in the Dow Jones Index, with a PER of 15 to 16.


    On that basis AMZN is worth $10, repeat $10.


    WOW again!


    We had a wee warning earlier this year when AMZN took a breathtaking 22+% plunge, during a time period when the market as a whole was in an uptrend.


    What are the catalysts (if any) of a repeat performance but per chance on a grander scale?


    Off the cuff, methinks there are at least TWO:


    1. A LOSS report for Q2, confirmed by AMZN management, followed by


    2. Alibaba's IPO. That is a double-whammy:


    (A) the SEC imposed "quiet" period
    for any company before any IPO, now in force with Alibaba, ends +
    as a consequence, comparisons are allowed to begin:


    All manner of folks are finally allowed to start saying good things about Alibaba. Like compare the pricing of Alibaba's zillions of goodies with AMZN's. Also compare Alibaba's reported $3 billion 2013 profits with AMZN's =
    a wit called a rounding error.


    Smart investing to all.
    19 Jun 2014, 12:36 AM Reply Like
  • AutoRegressive
    , contributor
    Comments (211) | Send Message
    Amazon is becoming an unfocused company. Trying to be everything all at once is going to lead to large write-offs and failure.


    I can't see why this company is priced as a high tech growth stock. It's on a very fast path to becoming a lumbering tech conglomerate without any earnings. This is not not going to end well.....
    19 Jun 2014, 09:27 PM Reply Like
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