Reuters: iWatch likely to have 2.5" display, enter production in July

|By:, SA News Editor

Contract manufacturer Quanta will start iWatch (AAPL -0.4%) mass production in July ahead of a launch that could "come as early as October," Reuters reports, citing sources. That fits well with past reports from the Nikkei and re/code.

Reuters adds the device will likely have a 2.5" touch display - LG Display (LPL +2.3%) is said to be the exclusive supplier - to go with a pulse monitor (should work with iOS 8's Health app) and wireless charging support. The watch face "will protrude slightly from the band, creating an arched shape."

Apple reportedly expects 50M shipments in the first year of availability; the consumer response could ultimately yield a very different shipment level. For reference, Apple sold 148M iPhones in FY13, and might sell 180M+ in FY14.

Update: The WSJ reports the iWatch will likely arrive in two screen sizes, and feature over 10 sensors.