Carlyle, TPG to launch $2.4B Healthscope IPO

|About: The Carlyle Group (CG)|By:, SA News Editor

Healthscope, an Australian hospital and pathology company, is likely to become Australia's third-largest IPO listing on record. The company is owned by private-equity owners Carlyle (CG) and TPG, which acquired the provider for $1.7B in 2010.

Carlyle and TPG are now looking to raise $2.4B for the IPO, as the private healthcare sector in Austrailia keeps growing. The number of Australians with private health insurance rose 8% annually in the last five years, increasing from 9.8M to 11M customers. One of the main factors in the increase is that the country pays a 30% rebate on private health insurance premiums.

The final price will be announced on July 25, and trading will begin on July 28.