"Malling" of America is over

|By:, SA News Editor

The Deal Malls Enthusiasts Facebook group boasts nearly 14K members, a Google search of "dead malls" produces 5.7M results, and the interiors of formerly bustling shopping meccas are more likely to see action as cameo players in campy horror films, writes Bloomberg's James Greiff.

It's more than just Amazon, says Greiff, noting young millennials are less likely to buy cars (though the economy could have something to do with that), and a lot of the socializing that used to take place at malls now takes place online - killing much-needed foot traffic.

Trying to hold back the tide, of course, are politicians who continue to deliver tax breaks and other benefits to mall owners.

Mall REITs which may have interest: SPG, GGP, BRX, KIM, WRI, MAC, GRT, TCO.