InvenSense buying motion-processing/positioning tech firms

|About: InvenSense (INVN)|By:, SA News Editor

InvenSense (INVN) is buying Movea, a French provider of algorithms and software for processing/analyzing motion and audio sensor data, and Trusted Positioning (TPI), a developer of software that improves location tracking by combining data from motion sensors and GPS/Wi-Fi networks. The company is paying a total of $81M ($75M in cash).

InvenSense declares pairing its motion sensors with Movea and TPI's technology will allow it to offer "intelligent" sensor SoCs supporting always-on location and activity tracking for mobile apps/services.

Movea has an IP portfolio featuring 100+ patent families, and calls itself "amongst the leading patent holders for motion sensor based functions." It offers motion-processing/data fusion libraries aimed at mobile devices, sports wearables, and living room gear. TPI, meanwhile, argues its software allows for positioning to work in areas where wireless signals are blocked.

Two weeks ago, voice processor vendor Audience (ADNC) announced it's buying Movea rival Sensor Platforms. The deals have implications for QuickLogic (QUIK), whose sensor hubs have relied on Sensor Platforms' algorithms and have some feature overlap with InvenSense's motion sensors.

SA authors have gone back and forth regarding the competitive threat posed by InvenSense to QuickLogic, with bulls having argued InvenSense is only a threat on the low-end. The Movea/TPI deals arguably strengthen InvenSense's challenge.

Last fall, InvenSense bought Analog Devices' microphone unit for $100M+.