Amazon launches 3D-printed product marketplace

|By:, SA News Editor

Amazon's (AMZN -1.8%) 3D Printed Products store currently offers 200+ products that can be printed on demand. As one would expect, many of the items can be customized to user tastes.

For now, the store's listings leave something to be desired: They include custom 3D-printed cufflinks ($60), miniature swords ($9), vase toppers ($40), and "molecular earrings" ($30). Amazon is also cross-selling its existing 3D printer and CAD software offerings.

Amazon's store competes private Shapeways' popular 3D printing marketplace, and a slew of other sites that allow 3D-printed designs to be manufactured and/or shared.

3D Systems (DDD -0.7%) sells products manufactured using its consumer-focused Cube 3D printers, and Stratasys' (SSYS -1.2%) MakerBot unit both sells items made using its printers and runs a popular 3D file-sharing site (Thingiverse). But neither printer maker is likely complaining about Amazon providing a fresh vote of confidence for the 3D printing market.