The rubber starts to meet the road with Tesla Motors

|About: Tesla Motors (TSLA)|By:, SA News Editor

Tesla Motors (TSLA -1.3%) reports after the bell with the Street looking for EPS of $0.04 and revenue of $802M. The crowdsourced forecast at is for a healthy EPS beat ($0.12) and revenue miss ($799M).

The company's average transaction price ($106K in Q1), view on meeting its annual production target (35K), and gross margin rate (28% target for FY14) will be closely watched - while anything positive or negative on the company's Gigafactory and Model X production timetable could send shares into a flurry of activity.

Sales in China started during the quarter and could top 1K, according to Barclays.

Gigadreams: California, Texas, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona are all in the running to be the location for the Gigafactory. Tucson, Arizona isn't considered the front-runner to land the facility, but deserves high marks for creativity by sending Tesla execs a pre-approved building permit.

Options trading on Tesla is factoring in a 7.5% post-earnings move which is a low level of volatility for the stock historically.