Apple's e-book deal cleared; Beats Music chief to run iTunes Radio

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Though she previously expressed concerns about the deal, Judge Denise Cote has approved Apple's (AAPL +0.6%) $450M e-book price-fixing settlement.

The deal calls on Apple to pay $400M to consumers and $50M to lawyers if an appeals court upholds Cote's ruling on the case, and $50M and $20M if it overturns them. In today's ruling, Cote says states and consumers "strongly believe" her findings will be upheld.

If upheld, the payout will still only amount to a moderate financial hit for Apple, which had FQ3 net income of $7.7B.

Separately, with Beats now officially a part of Apple's empire, the WSJ is reporting Beats Music chief Ian Rogers will also run iTunes Radio going forward.

The paper adds Rogers will be in charge of both services to "create cohesion in Apple’s streaming-music options." One current point of non-cohesion: Beats Music is available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, while iTunes Radio's mobile support is limited to iOS.

Two months before the Beats deal was announced, Billboard reported Apple was mulling an Android iTunes app, and holding talks about launching a Spotify-like music streaming service; Beats Music has eliminated the need for the latter.

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