Pandora gets a lift from vague M&A rumors

|About: Pandora Media (P)|By:, SA News Editor

Vague M&A speculation has led Pandora (P +3.2%) to move higher in early trading. Zero Hedge states (with trademark skepticism) Yahoo is the rumored would-be suitor.

With a current market cap of $5.3B - an acquisition would doubtlessly require a higher price - Pandora would be a big fish for all but a handful of tech giants to swallow. 11% of the float was shorted as of July 15.

Separately, Pandora has announced a partnership with Merlin, a rights agency representing 20K+ indie record labels and distributors. Pandora will "identify select tracks" from Merlin-backed labels and artists for additional exposure, and provide the labels/artists with data on user activity.