Apple roundup: Hedge funds, IDC data, China

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David Einhorn took some Apple (AAPL -0.4%) profits in Q2: Greenlight Capital owned 9.4M Apple shares at the end of June, down from a split-adjusted 14M at the end of March.

On the other hand, Leon Cooperman's Omega Advisors bought 1.3M shares during the quarter; Cooperman had bailed out of Apple in Q3 of last year. Adjusted for the split, Carl Icahn's position is roughly steady at 52.8M shares.

IDC estimates the iPhone accounted for 11.7% of Q2 smartphone units, down from 13% a year ago. Android's (NASDAQ:GOOG) share rose to 84.7% from 79.6%, and industry shipments grew an estimated 25.3% (down slightly from Q1's 28.6%) to 301.3M.

At the same time, IDC notes over 80% of iPhone shipments ($561 Q2 ASP) involved a $400+ unsubsidized price, with the remainder in the $200-$400 range. Nearly 60% of Android shipments involved sub-$200 phones, with the remainder split almost evenly between $200-$400 and $400+ devices.

Following government pressure, China Mobile has cut its 2014 phone subsidy budget to $3.4B from a prior $5.5B. With the carrier having spent $2.5B on subsidies in 1H14, its fall iPhone 6 subsidies will likely be light.

Meanwhile, Apple has begun storing some of its iCloud data for Chinese users on local servers provided by China Telecom (CHA -0.3%). Apple insists the move, which comes amid ongoing NSA-related tensions, was partly made to improve local iCloud performance/reliability.