Google roundup: YouTube music, kids, AdWords, e-commerce

|By:, SA News Editor

Android Police reports YouTube's (NASDAQ:GOOG) anticipated subscription music service will be called YouTube Music Key, come bundled with Google's All Access music service (to be renamed Google Play Music Key), and cost $10/month.

As previously reported, the service provides access to both YouTube music videos to go with audio-only listening. A screenshot suggests 20M+ songs will be included. No word on the launch date, or on how many holdout indie labels (previous) have signed up.

The WSJ and The Information report Google plans to officially offer accounts to kids under 13 for the first time. Parents would reportedly have the ability to set up accounts and establish controls,and a kids-friendly version of YouTube would also be offered. Privacy laws place strict limits on marketing to kids.

Google has updated its mainstay AdWords search ad platform to allow advertisers to track when an ad leads to a phone call. The feature is of particular value for mobile and local advertising, where marketers are often looking to enable a phone call rather than an online order/sign-up.

The WSJ takes a look at how Google's efforts to offer vertical search results in fields such as travel (previous), online retail, and local are upsetting advertisers who fear their bookings platforms are being marginalized. On former online travel exec: "All the value add is going to Google and everyone else becomes a commodity,"

A Google VP insists his company is simply trying to "get you the information you need as fast as possible." Moreover, like other Google moves that have unsettled advertisers, the backlash hasn't yet done much to affect ad spend, especially since many marketers feel Google's dominant search share leaves them with no choice but to stay the course.