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The FBI will poke around Russia as part of investigation to determine if News Corp. (NWS +1.5%,...

The FBI will poke around Russia as part of investigation to determine if News Corp. (NWS +1.5%, NWSA +1.9%) bribed foreign officials in the nation, according to sources. The investigation will include consulting with Russian authorities on the issue.
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  • but they are still checking on whether americans can be assassinated;
    in the interim - lets go after fox news in an election year
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  • Fox News is a criminal enterprise, ever hear any true facts.
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  • My first take on this posting was that it must be a hoax. Assuming it's not a hoax, I can think of ten reasons for the FBI to "poke around" Russia:


    1) The Gibson Guitar shakedown has been completed freeing up manpower.
    2) The FBI wants to confer with whatever acronym the KGB goes by these days in order to learn proper methods of crowd control.
    3) Perhaps some of the FBI agents are related to some of our own Tsars and they're going home to find their roots. Is Alex Haley still alive?
    4) The FBI is providing protection for ACORN operatives or whatever acronym ACORN goes under these days--they want to confer with the Putin government on providing "free and fair" elections.
    5) The FBI is scouting locations for Michelle's monthly vacation junket.
    6) The Putin government, eager to clean up their world image, wants the Tsar of Tsar, the man who takes guns to knifefights, to advise him and his Tsars on stamping out corruption.
    7) The FBI agents want to confirm whether the "re-set button" is being used.
    8) Eric Holder is a Beatles fan and he wanted a photo of Lennon's Tomb.
    9) Our Tsar of Tsars dispatched agents to assess the feasibility of turning the Washington Mall into a replica of Red Square.
    10) Gorbachev is competing with Obama for another Nobel and our agents want, wait, Gorbachev's in Florida.
    9 Mar 2012, 01:51 PM Reply Like
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