Enbridge has figured out an easier way to ship crude to the U.S.

|About: Enbridge Inc. (ENB)|By:, SA News Editor

Enbridge (NYSE:ENB) finds a way to ship more Alberta oil to the U.S. that does not require a review similar to the one faced by the Keystone XL pipeline - switching crude from one pipeline to another before it crosses the border - as the State Department OKs the company to move ahead with its cross-border Alberta Clipper project under authority granted by previously issued permits.

ENB plans to construct a link between the Alberta Clipper and the adjacent Line 3 pipeline; by transferring oil from the Clipper to Line 3 before it crosses the border and then back again after the oil is in the U.S., ENB does not need the U.S. presidential permit required for new lines.

The plan is drawing criticism from environmental groups opposed to new imports from Canada’s oil sands because mining and processing the fuel releases more climate-warming carbon than other types of crude.