Ebola cases accelerating

|By:, SA News Editor

The World Health Organization says that the Ebola cases are accelerating. Forty percent of the infections have happened in the last 21 days. More than 20K people may be infected before the outbreak is contained.

Eight companies are working on Ebola vaccines/therapies:

Tekmira Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:TKMR): TKM-Ebola in Phase 1; Sarepta Therapeutics (NASDAQ:SRPT): AVI-7537 in Preclinicals; NewLink Genetics (NASDAQ:NLNK): Ebola Vaccine in Preclinicals; BioCryst Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:BCRX): BCX4430 in Preclinicals; GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE:GSK): Ebola Vaccine in Preclinicals; Nanoviricides (NYSEMKT:NNVC): NV-INF-1 in Preclinicals; Inovio Pharmaceuticals (NYSEMKT:INO): SynCon DNA Vaccine in Preclinicals; FujiFilm (OTC:FUJIF) (OTCPK:FUJIY): Favipiravir in Preclinicals and Mapp Pharmaceuticals: ZMapp in Preclinicals.