Rolls-Royce endangered by new V-22 program cuts

|About: Rolls Royce Group (RRCEF)|By:, SA News Editor

As the U.S. military explores ways to cut costs of its V-22 Osprey aircraft, Rolls-Royce (OTC:RRCEF) may lose its place as the program's sole engine provider.

"The V-22 Program is continually investigating ways to reduce the life cycle costs of the aircraft," announced the U.S. Navy by email. "Knowing that more than 90% of the operational use of the V-22 is in the future, coupled with budget pressures, it is prudent to investigate alternatives to existing systems and the engine is no exception."

Each V-22 is currently powered by two Rolls-Royce AE1107C engines.

The U.S. Marine Corp is in the process of acquiring 360 MV-22s, while the Pentagon this fiscal year is acquiring the last CV-22s for the Air Force. The aircraft are also attracting several overseas buyers.