Teradata uses M&A to grow Hadoop exposure

|About: Teradata Corporation (TDC)|By:, SA News Editor

Teradata (NYSE:TDC) has bought Think Big Analytics, a consulting/services firm focused on big data projects, including ones involving the Hadoop big data framework and the unstructured NoSQL database. Its customer list includes Intel, Facebook, EMC, NetApp, and the Nasdaq. No acquisition price has been disclosed.

News of the deal comes 6 weeks after Teradata announced it had bought the assets of Revelytix, a big data management software firm, and Hadapt, developer of a platform (along with related IP) that aims to fuse Hadoop with a traditional SQL database (meant to allow deeper analysis of Hadoop datasets).

The deals are arguably aimed at covering Teradata's flank: Plenty of analysts have raised alarm bells about the threat posed by Hadoop and NoSQL to Teradata's traditional data warehousing offerings, which rely on SQL databases. Teradata insists Hadoop is a growth opportunity rather than a competitive threat.