Twitter gains after CFO hints at major product changes

|By:, SA News Editor

During a Citi conference talk (transcript) held late-afternoon yesterday, new CFO Anthony Noto suggested Twitter (TWTR +1.7%) is working on displaying tweets in a manner other than its age-old reverse chronological approach (echoes of Facebook's news feed algorithm).

Noto: "Sometimes things happen hours before I open up my Twitter application that are relevant to me at that moment ... putting that content in front of that person at the moment in time is a way to organize the content better." Many Twitter users aren't happy with the remarks; Noto promises any changes will be gradual.

He also mentioned Twitter, which is hungry to boost MAU growth and lower high churn, has been testing ways to make more content viewable to users who aren't logged in, and is planning to implement a search algorithm that pulls up interesting material by analyzing a tweet's topic and source. A group chat feature could also arrive in time, as Twitter tries to counter the breakneck growth seen by various mobile messaging platforms.