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"The economy is getting stronger all the time," Jamie Dimon tells CNBC, "I believe the threat of...

"The economy is getting stronger all the time," Jamie Dimon tells CNBC, "I believe the threat of a double dip recession is behind us." Of China, he says the country will see a soft landing, disagreeing with his own analyst who last week said it's not a debate anymore, the country is already experiencing a hard landing. Shares reflexively move a bit off session lows, S&P -0.8%.
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  • "And CDO's sold by my company in 2005-7 with subprime mortgage collateral were of high credit quality" - Jamie Slimon.
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  • JPM was out of subprime market since 2005.
    29 Mar 2012, 12:55 AM Reply Like
  • HOLD your cards, we may have Bingo! ... we've all played the game before during teleconferences, speeches ...the game: Bullshit Bingo ... how many items on this list of "persausion tools" can you find in Jamie Dimon's interview? For that matter, it's a useful list to keep in mind for any guest on CNBC or any "expert" interview, speech or testimony that you hear anywhere where the questioners aren't necessarily all that bright (e.g. Congress).



    Perhaps I'm wrong ... but my take on CNBC is that CNBC tries to interview people who have previously established credibility (i.e. "has beens"), but NOBODY ever agrees to go on CNBC unless they have they have their manure spreader full of polluted stuff they don't want and they are anxious to unload some toxic waste that might not be the best fertilizer on someone else's field.
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  • MB..I am laughing so hard at your comments I can't write..I haven't laughed this hard since yesterday's episode of Seinfeld..Thanks..
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  • Re: the threat of a double dip.....


    I believe Mr. Dimon will be proven wrong.
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  • I'll listen to Jim Chanos, Michael Pettis and about a thousand other analysts before I'll listen to anything Jaime Dimon has to say about China.
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  • Hey Devlin..isn't that the same name as the pharma company in the Harrison Ford movie "The Fugitive"?
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  • But....will you listen to Cramer?
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  • OK Dude. Mark to Market, Now!
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  • All your short asses have been thoroughly fried since march 2009 and yet you don't learn your lessons.
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  • Oh come on guys why would CNBC lie to us? Why would Jamie Dimon lie to us? clearly they have our best interests in mind! Theyre not pandering to their corporate sponsors...haven't you seen the commercial for their "investing in america" series? America is Roaring Back!!! You'd best heed their advice and buy Buy BUY before S&P 1700....Stocks are so frickin cheap and America can totally decouple from Europe and China! I mean why wouldn't I buy all the frothy consumer discretionary and technology stocks, they have plenty of upside left, the consumer is so strong! were creating over 200,000 jobs a month so it doesn't matter if gasoline goes to $5/gallon's not like most of these jobs being created are low wage service sector jobs, i think most of these jobs are high know jobs where you can start a family, buy a house and a few new cars too. Apparenty housing has bottomed so it's definitely the time to buy the homebuilders and anything even remotely related to the home. Plus Larry Kudlow says once we get mitt romney is office that america is going to do just fine, it's so obvious that free market capitalism is the best way to prosperity. Jim Cramer tells me to trust this rally and that this time is different. I believe him, after all you get rich by watching TV.
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