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With warm weather about to allow for even higher natural gas inventories, the country's 4T cubic...

With warm weather about to allow for even higher natural gas inventories, the country's 4T cubic foot storage capacity could get hit by mid-August, literally causing the price to go negative as operators like Kinder Morgan (KMI) turn away product. Low prices are at work increasing gas usage, but it may not come in time to prevent red prices this summer.
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  • The lower NG prices go, the more pressure on the oil and coal markets to trend lower to compete. Washington will get pounded
    also from the lack of an energy policy to take advantage of the price spread. We need many of the Shell Pearl GTL plants in the U.S. like they have in Qatar. They are converting 140,000 bls of BOE a day from NG at $70 a barrel profit! That's $9,800,000 profit a day! We need conversion plants on shore close to our huge NG reserves.The plant pays out in 3.8 years. We need auto conversion kits like Brazil has at $600-$700 cost to convert to NG. And still no U.S. energy plan. GOD help us.........
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  • What's interesting is that lots of folks have been sitting in NG expecting NG to move up to meet oil, not the other way around.


    But FYI, action is indeed being taken if not at the government level: oil for heat is down by a over 25% in the US in the last few years and this trend is continuing, local government and other entities are switching to NG for public transportation, and companies do exist in US importing NG auto kits from S America, the problem there, is well, yeah, we need mandates encouraging more public NG refill stations.


    Of course, an energy plan would be nice...
    29 Mar 2012, 11:55 AM Reply Like
  • Chesapeake Energy is working with several companies to develop "kits" for mostly fleet vehicles, but also some for cars. They are also working to get some 200 stations (truck stops, mostly) to provide NG facilities. Regardless, these are baby steps and as you eluded to, an energy plan would expedite development of NG vehicles and supporting NG facilities across the country.
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  • Heating oil is down 25%? How can that be with oil as high as $110/barrel?
    10 Apr 2012, 10:17 PM Reply Like
  • Consumption not price
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  • Maybe this will force Mfr's to start building LG engines for cars, trucks, industry, etc., after all, necessity is the mother of invention
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  • Like the commenter said above you, kits to retrofit vehicles to nat gas exist and are quite common in S America, and are relatively trivial to install.


    They also burn cleaner and encourage your motor to last longer as a result, reducing maintenance costs.
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  • yeah...looking forward to negative price...fill up the car at the pumps and they give you money. Go cars on NG.
    Living Cleaner Naturally!
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  • I agree with Roberson that we need conversion plants and cheap car conversion kits. But we should think ahead and build more storage facilities instead of selling NG to competing countries. We'll be needing it in the near future. Also, advertising the benefit of clean fuel won't hurt.
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  • Putting aside the idea of substituting NG for gasoline for a minute, I need some help! We live in a rural area and use propane for hot water and cooking and propane's cost goes up with oil so it's very high - we need to be able to substitute LNG for propane. Then we could even afford to heat with LNG, something we can't do with propane.
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  • Lobby... If you don't ask you won't recieve. Oil people want to use the oil products up first and then charge premium prices for NG...that is Natural Greed. The consumer needs a break. NG could be the break although I have heard that they need gas in the well to propel the oil out of the hole...a bit like an aresol can.....
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  • If you're asking for advice on what to do about the rising cost of energy for heat, I'd suggest you look at solar hot water.


    You can use the hot water generated both for domestic tasks as well as to reduce your heating costs by coupling it to your heating system, even if you're using steam to heat you can feed your boiler pre-heated water and it will drop your costs.


    The EIA's website has an excellent little excel calculator to compare your costs using various fuels here:


    Heating Fuel Comparision Calculator - EIA
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  • Thank you kmi, very helpful.
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